Trash that dress!

Okay, for reals, Megan and Chris are my soul couple. They’ve officially allowed me to check off not one but TWO bucket list items from my list and I love them. First, they had an unbelievable snow wedding last December in South Lake Tahoe, and just this past weekend they went back to Lake Tahoe to “Trash the Dress”. I’m so lucky that I have a job which allows me to have travel opportunities!

It was fairly cold and really windy, but the water wasn’t so bad. I know this because I, myself, got in waist deep. Hey, anything for the perfect shot, right?

The original plan was to jump off a pier into the lake but unfortunately the venue pier we were going to use changed their policy and notified us THE DAY OF THE SESSION (insert eye roll, thanks for the notice)….so we couldn’t use it. Megan was pretty disappointed but I was sure we could make some magic just in the water itself. Was I wrong? I think not. LOL

Luckily we found the perfect rock for the two lovebirds to jump off of and it worked perfectly! They were such troopers in the water and I couldn’t have asked for better clients. Again, I love them.

Back to the beginning of the sesh, we started with some traditional bride and groom photos and then moved onto the fun water session. It was SO MUCH FUN and I hope I’m able to have a session like this again someday. Hope you all like the gallery!

hailey hopkins