Trashing the dress in Bodega Bay

Another day, another trash the dress lol. Just kidding.

But seriously, these sessions make my heart soooo happy! They’re so much fun, you guys. I wish I could specialize in them! Ah, how amazing that would be!

Olivia and Enrique make my photography look good. I mean, they’re gorgeous human beings, am I right? Models for sure!

…and there I was trying to pull my shirt down far enough to hide my big ol’ belly flopping out, ha! Oh well, we can’t all be so blessed ;) ;). All jokes aside, these two are awesome people and I love getting to know them better and better. We laughed so hard during this session and I had an absolute BLAST. I can’t wait to see what their future holds and can’t to have more sessions with them.

We went to Bodega Bay and although it looks like it was freezing, it was surprisingly warm. It’s pretty rare that there isn’t any wind out in Bodega but on this night there wasn’t. It was foggy and cloudy but felt perfect and the water wasn’t too bad either. Playing my mom card here, if you do a session like this, as a photographer or client, make sure you’re safe! This is so important! The waves out here felt strong and we all agreed not to go in too far so although it looks like they are in up to their waist in some photos, they actually weren’t. They jumped into pretty shallow water and the ones where they’re actually in the water, they’re really on their knees (and I’m on mine) to make it look like they were in up to their waist. I’m full of tricks, guys ;). BE SAFE though! Don’t risk your safety or your clients’ safety. There are ways to get beautiful images still! Okay okay I’m done, now you know. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I did/do! XOXO

hailey hopkins