What time will my session start?  The "Golden Hour" is what we photographers like to call it:  one hour before sunset! This is the best time of day to book your session.  With this rule of thumb, I typically only schedule outdoor sessions for this time.  Lighting is most important in my book. Trust me, it makes all the difference and I want you to love your photos.  I know this can be a challenge if you have young children with bedtimes, but it's soooo worth it for one night in order to get that golden light!  Lifestyle newborn sessions and in-home lifestyle sessions, however, are best scheduled for early or mid afternoon, when the sun is high and lots of light is allowed through the windows of your home.   

When can we expect to get our photos? Your portrait gallery will be delivered to you via email within 2 weeks (usually much sooner).  Your wedding gallery will be delivered via email within 6 weeks (again, USUALLY sooner).


Can you give me an idea of how you run your sessions?  Absolutely!  My goal for your session is to capture interaction, whether that interaction be between you and me, you and your fiance or you and your child.  I have different prompts I use to help create that interaction and will definitely guide you. The most important thing to me is to make you all feel comfortable and capture those natural moments that tend to just unfold during your session.  

Do you give us the RAW unedited files?  Sorry to be blunt, but no way.  I deliver ONLY edited digital images.  I have a certain editing style I’ve developed and because of that, I know what I need to create within the camera in order to achieve my editing style in post processing.  

I have no idea what to wear!  Can you help me??  YES!  I know what looks best in photographs and I absolutely believe your outfit choices can make or break the overall look of your images.  I have some information I am happy to provide after you book me to help with clothing and what you want your images to look like. You have to be true to you and your own style, but I will be honest and I prefer to see a photo of your outfits before your session.  


What if I don’t want my images shared on your website or social media accounts?  My website and social media accounts are CRUCIAL to my business.  They allow new clients to see what kind of work I can create and what they might receive if they book me.  If you really insist on me not sharing your images, I’ll oblige but there will be a hefty fee attached.

Do you require a deposit for booking?  Yes.  I have a non-refundable deposit required for every portrait session AND wedding upon booking.  It takes time to discuss details in emails or on the phone before confirming your session or wedding and well, time is money.  Plus, when I hold a date for you, I’m usually unable to book anyone else for that date so if you cancel, I’ll need something to compensate me for a lost date.  

Can we meet before booking you?  I don’t think it’s necessary for a portrait session as we can chat on the phone or shoot emails back and forth to map out details (but please don’t hesitate to ask if this is important to you), but I’m totally happy to meet you before booking a wedding.  I usually prefer one of three ways to do this: 1) let’s meet for coffee and chat; 2) let’s FaceTime! It’s just as good, really. 3) let’s meet at your complimentary engagement session which is included in all of my wedding packages. There’s a catch with #3 though.  Although I love meeting people at their engagement session, by this time you will have had to sign the contract and submit the deposit, so we won’t really meet BEFORE you commit. However, most people prefer this option after emails sent back and forth and after viewing my work.  This is a great way to get to know one another and see how I work behind the camera.


What do you mean by “Lifestyle” newborn?  This basically means I don’t do the “studio” type newborn sessions.  I love capturing baby and family in your own home within the first 2 weeks after baby’s arrival using your personal belongings as our backdrop (i.e. crib, couch, bed, floor, etc.).  I do have some wraps and baskets I can bring upon request, but again, we will use those in your home with natural lighting. Nothing too posed, just baby and your love for him or her!

What if I am uncomfortable in front of the camera or one of us hates having our photo taken?  That’s totally fine!  I run into this a lot and I promise you we always ALL have a great time and usually that person says something like, “that was actually fun!”  


Are we a good fit as client and photographer?  This can be a tough question to ask but I really think it’s important.  Look at my images on my website and on my social media accounts. Do you like what you see?  Do you like warmth in photos? Do you love sun flare? Do you melt over those moody, grainy black and whites?  Do you prefer candid, natural and intimate shots over the “look at the camera and smile” types? If you answered yes, I’m your gal!  If you prefer more bright and airy photographs and more posed “look here” types, I’m honestly not the photographer for you but you know what?  That’s okay! No offense taken! You’re paying for these images and I want you to know up front what to expect to receive from me.

Do you allow other people to take photos while you are taking photos?  Sure thing, but again with being blunt, as long as they don’t get in my way.  I’ve literally had someone step into the aisle of a wedding ceremony during the couple’s first kiss.  Luckily, I was fast and aware and got the shot on the side, but this can be extremely problematic during important moments at a wedding.  I highly recommend that you have your Officiant, or person marrying you, tell your guests to remain seated and not stick their phones in the aisle for their own personal photos. You did not pay other people to photograph your wedding, you paid me and I take that very seriously.  I want to be able to deliver the best images possible!

Do you Travel?  Yes!  I would actually love to travel more for photography.  I love photographing new places as it allows me to be creative.  If you want your portrait session to take place somewhere other than Sonoma County, I’m happy to travel but there will be a travel fee attached depending on where and how far.  Same with weddings! If you want me to travel for your wedding, just ask! I’ll give you my travel fee for where your wedding is being held and we can chat about details.


Anything else you want to know or ask?  Fill out the form on my contact page and I’m happy to answer questions!