Hailey Hopkins

I’ve always loved photography.  My mom always tells me that I carried around a toy camera when I was little and she knew I was going to have a creative side.  Call it mother’s intuition but she was right.  There is such a feeling of happiness I get when I pick up my camera.  Capturing a moment in time, freezing it so to speak, and then being able to display that memory in your home, there’s just something so special about that.  Most of my portrait sessions consist of "real" moments; the raw, honest ones.  I call my sessions “client-led” in the sense that I’ll give some direction, a starting point rather, and maybe reposition you, but ultimately YOU lead the session.  I strive to capture your response to interaction; whether that interaction be between you and your family, you and your fiancé, or you and me!  Personally, I love love love the un-posed, group hug, humongous smiles, let's dance in the sunlight photographs.  Laughter, sweet kisses, adoring cuddles; these are the images we remember.  They’re the true representation of each of us as a person.  That, to me, is what portrait photography is all about!  That being said, I tooootally understand that photos can feel awkward for some, you might even feel nervous and not know “what to do”, but I promise I have many tricks up my sleeve and you’ll leave thinking that is was fun. I certainly hope so at least, that’s my job! I usually feel like I’m just hanging out with friends during my sessions, I just happen to have a camera. So come on, come hang out with me!

This is my second year photographing weddings and they have completely captured my heart!  I worked as a second shooter for a wedding photographer for about 3 years which gave me TONS of experience and knowledge and  I’m so excited to take them on as a lead photographer. Weddings are so different than my portrait sessions but I still try to really focus on interaction and raw moments between the bride and groom.  Wedding days are so full of love and happiness and I'm always extremely honored that someone wants me to share that with them, their families and their closest friends.  Truly a gift!

Now for a little “Hailey” info:  I have a degree in Art; emphasis in Photography.  I am a Mama to Andrew and Riley, which is the best and most important job in the world!  They are truly EVERYTHING to me.  I have a kind, supportive husband named Kyle.  Things I love: picnics, pizza, donuts, sunshine, running, crafting, Target, coffee (I NEED it in the morning, you guys, NEED), wine (what can I say?  I live in wine country), flamingos, country music, and so much more!  I am extremely blessed and lucky to live this life! 

I can’t wait to see your smiling face at a session and I hope your heart beams when you receive your photos.  What?  Too corny?  I like corny.  :)