Hi, I’m Hailey!

It’s nice to meet you!  I’m a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer here in Santa Rosa, CA and I simply love all things photography.  I would say it’s my one true love but that’s not very nice considering I have an amazing husband and two incredible kiddos (insert laugh here).  Honestly, my family is EVERYTHING and always will be. I can’t imagine life without those 3 beings, it would be like trying to breathe without air.  A little about me? I love pizza and donuts but also love to run (that food and exercise thing is an uphill battle). I live on coffee, Target and Amazon Prime, yes just like those silly shirts read and I would not survive without sunshine and wine.  Yes I said it, I love my wine. Picnics are the best weekend activity with my family besides my DIY projects that my husband SAYS he likes. Kacey Musgraves is like, my idol, and I wish I could write and sing like her, and yes I’d take her face and body, too.  Okay, enough about me. I want to get to know YOU. YOU are the reason I get to live my best life doing what I love to do for a living and seriously, I don’t take that for granted. Let’s hang out and take some photos that I know you’ll love forever and ever! XOXO


“My family and I have been trusting our family photos to Hailey for years now. Hailey is amazing at capturing who we really are. She sees the details, sweet moments and quirks that make us a family. Her photography is gorgeous and truly gets better with each session we do. Hailey’s talent is something I admire, her eye for detail is something that constantly surprises me. Beyond her talent, Hailey is warm, kind and easy to work with. We always have fun and we never feel awkward in front of her lens. There is honestly no one I trust more than Hailey to take not only my family photos, but photos for my business as well. She is the definition of professional and has the talent and drive to back it up.”

-Amy H. 

“Having your picture taken is usually an awkward thing where you constantly are second guessing your smile, pose or what to do with your hands! But Hailey makes it a fun and carefree experience - for both myself and my toddler! Not only is the time in front of the camera made to feel like you’re on the red carpet, but the photos themselves are absolutely amazing! She truly is an artist of photography!

-Brittany P.