Wedding day

Alright, I definitely need to blog more. I especially need to blog my weddings so you guys can get a better idea of how the entire day goes and see a lot more of the images you’ll get from me. It’s just an easier way of showing you guys rather than posting a ton of images to my “weddings” tab on here. Blogging is so cool. I get to write about what I’m photographing. So here it goes…

Marcos and Ashley’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL! It was held in Ashely’s aunt’s backyard which backed up to some amazingly beautiful vineyards and we could see mountains and rolling hills in the distance. Such a sweet location and sweet people, too! Okie dokie, want to see some getting ready shots? I started with the girls and then drove to the guys who were staying nearby in a local hotel. I took some there (they were super fun!) and headed back to the girls to finish up the hair and makeup shots, as well as the dress and little details. I’ll just say, and you’ll hear me say this A LOT, but I LOVE detail shots from weddings. I could just make a book of all of them and drool over all the beauty. Sooooo pretty! Anyway, here’s the start of my day!

Next up: bride and groom, bridal party, and first look! If I could do my wedding over, I’d totally do a first look. It was awesome! Not only do you get super intimate and happy photos from a first look, but it’s such a special moment between the bride and groom. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get wanting to wait until you’re walking down the aisle for him to see you, it’s traditional and just as special and I wanted that for my own wedding, so I get it. But with a first look, you get to take a ton of photos before the ceremony so that after the ceremony you really only have to take family photos and then you can enjoy the party!

What’s next? CEREMONY! So fun! Witnessing a wedding ceremony is soooo special and I always feel honored. I also usually try not to cry lol. The words are sweet and the emotions are real.

Noooowwww, we have some signing of the license, play time shots, family photos after the ceremony (which I won’t share a ton of), then dinner (which I rarely photograph because who wants photos of people eating right?), then speeches!

I LOVE pulling the bride and groom aside at sunset for some awesome lighting, intimate couples shots. These are always my favorites from the day and usually their favorites as well. You CAN’T beat sunset lighting!

Now we party!!!!

So there ya have it! I hope you have a better idea of what you might receive from me and I hope you enjoy this story the images tell. It was such a fun wedding! XOXO

A bunny and me tea party

When you’re selling something that you personally made yourself, whether that be clothing, a souvenir or a piece of artwork, you put your heart and soul into it. You think of it, create it and give it to someone, not hoping they like it but LOVE it. I should actually rephrase that, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling it or not. Just the simple fact that YOU made it, it means something to you. This is both an exciting AND disappointing part of being a creator. We take everything to heart, every little comment, every word, everything. So when we feel like we have failed in some way, it’s quite depressing. I was feeling this way the other day and that’s when I knew I needed to get out there and photograph something for ME. My kids are the best little models right now so I always drag them out with me and to put it simply, I use them. There I said it, I use them lol.

I’ve been wanting to set up a little tea party shoot with my Riley girl ever since I found out I was pregnant with a girl. I’ve been dreaming it up in my head. A shabby chic, super girly, floral and fancy tea party. What’s the perfect location for this in the wine country in September? A vineyard of course! When I get an idea in my head, I run with it full speed and need to get it done IMMEDIATELY. I’m just built this way. So, I found a $5 used kids tea set in perfect condition, gathered a ton of stuff around my house and packed up the kids and the car. We drove to the cutest winery, DeLoach Vineyards, and got right to it. I love these, they totally fixed me. They were all I was hoping for and it sparked that creative fire inside me again. Thank you, my sweet kiddos. I hope you like these as much as I do!

I still have way more to edit but these are my favorites and I just couldn’t wait to share the with you all. XOXO

Tina and Jason

I've known Tina for about 7 years now and she is seriously one of the sweetest people ever!  She contacted me maybe a month or two prior to this shoot wanting to schedule a session for she and her boyfriend as they didn't have any "nice" photos of them as a couple.  We talked a bit and then sure enough, her boyfriend popped the question a week or so later!  We then scheduled ENGAGEMENT photos!  I'm so happy for she and Jason.  They're a lovely couple and they were so much fun during our shoot.  I always appreciate when clients have their own ideas and are also willing to run with ideas that I may have.  They were game for anything and I'm so so glad!  Tina wanted to take their photos at the beach but also knew of this amazing trail across the street that led to some amazing views overlooking surrounding mountain tops and the ocean.  We decided to hike up this trail, which took about 25 minutes to get to the top, holy workout!  The views were unbelievable!! So worth it!  They reenacted the proposal and we had some fun!  We then hiked back down and went down to the beach to take some photos in the sand and it had the most amazing rocky backdrop near the ocean.  These two were amazing!  I'm in love with their photos and can't wait for my next beachy session.  Don't be afraid to ask a photographer to hike up a mountain!  I'm young enough to do so (for now lol) and the views are amazing!  See their session below.

Dane is one!!!

You'd never know it but Dane actually didn't like his cake.  He played with it for maybe 8 minutes?  Didn't like the taste and was over it pretty quickly, BUT his facial expressions were PRICELESS!  So so cute!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE cake smash sessions!

31 and as dorky as can be

What the heck do I title this?  31 and Fabulous?  I'm 31! ? I'm getting old?  I dunno?  Dork seems to fit perfectly lol.  I've seen some of these "cake smash" photos that 1 year olds normally do where it's a 30 year old or a 40 year old or something and I've always thought they were hilarious! Last year (when I turned 30) I had a 2 month old baby, along with a toddler, and I didn't do much for my birthday.  This year felt like "the big one".  My husband and I planned a cruise trip with our best friends, calling it my "dirty 31" and then I thought, why not take these photos for my 31st birthday, who cares?!  It'll be funny, right? I'm not normally this extreme when it comes to birthdays.  Give me pizza and donuts and we're good.  This year I just got A LOT of donuts lol.  So here I am, a grown a$$ woman sitting on the ground in a tutu and mini tiara eating a $h*t ton of donuts and drinking wine (sometimes from the bottle ;) ).  My husband asked if I was going through a mid-life crisis.  Nope!  Just me being a dork! Shout out to the hubs for letting me boss him around and told him exactly what images I wanted, where to stand, what angle to take, how to focus the damn camera....he learned a lot, you guys! Haha!  Poor guy, such a trooper and doing it all to make me happy.  I'm a lucky girl!  Okay, enjoy my silliness, people! :)

Desert Princess

We visited my in-laws this past weekend in the Southern California High Desert.  They have the BEST sunsets, like those unreal, colorful, vibrant ones.  I wanted to take some pictures of the kids at sunset so badly.  It's tough with kids and bedtimes.  I get it!  I know how my clients feel!  The kids go to bed around 7:30 or 8, which is exactly when sunset is right?  Of course!  So we start driving to an open space with Joshua trees and tumbleweeds, which is what I was envisioning...2 minutes into our drive my 3 1/2 year old falls asleep.  I mean, of course he does.  Never fails.  So naturally, he wakes up when we get to our perfect location (which by the way was NOT what I had pictured in my head because oddly enough, we couldn't find an open space with tons of Joshua trees anywhere near where my husband's parents live...).  Anyway, he wakes up GRUMMMMMMPY.  That is why Riley girl is pictured below, by herself, in the most adorable little romper ever made.  Holy cow, I know she's my daughter but she is So.Cute.  Like, so stinkin' cute lol.  The hair blowing in the wind, the drool on her chin, her chubby little legs.  I could just eat her up!  So there ya have it.  Although it wasn't my perfect scene, we did still happen to find one lone Joshua tree and it was still an amazing spot.  These photos turned out to be some favorites of mine.  Side note:  I'm an over-shooter, I take LOTS of photos so that's why you're going to see over 20 of this little gal in the same spot but they're just so cute! ;) I have a HARD time narrowing down favorites in all of my sessions.  Oopsi!