31 and as dorky as can be

What the heck do I title this?  31 and Fabulous?  I'm 31! ? I'm getting old?  I dunno?  Dork seems to fit perfectly lol.  I've seen some of these "cake smash" photos that 1 year olds normally do where it's a 30 year old or a 40 year old or something and I've always thought they were hilarious! Last year (when I turned 30) I had a 2 month old baby, along with a toddler, and I didn't do much for my birthday.  This year felt like "the big one".  My husband and I planned a cruise trip with our best friends, calling it my "dirty 31" and then I thought, why not take these photos for my 31st birthday, who cares?!  It'll be funny, right? I'm not normally this extreme when it comes to birthdays.  Give me pizza and donuts and we're good.  This year I just got A LOT of donuts lol.  So here I am, a grown a$$ woman sitting on the ground in a tutu and mini tiara eating a $h*t ton of donuts and drinking wine (sometimes from the bottle ;) ).  My husband asked if I was going through a mid-life crisis.  Nope!  Just me being a dork! Shout out to the hubs for letting me boss him around and told him exactly what images I wanted, where to stand, what angle to take, how to focus the damn camera....he learned a lot, you guys! Haha!  Poor guy, such a trooper and doing it all to make me happy.  I'm a lucky girl!  Okay, enjoy my silliness, people! :)

hailey hopkins