Desert Princess

We visited my in-laws this past weekend in the Southern California High Desert.  They have the BEST sunsets, like those unreal, colorful, vibrant ones.  I wanted to take some pictures of the kids at sunset so badly.  It's tough with kids and bedtimes.  I get it!  I know how my clients feel!  The kids go to bed around 7:30 or 8, which is exactly when sunset is right?  Of course!  So we start driving to an open space with Joshua trees and tumbleweeds, which is what I was envisioning...2 minutes into our drive my 3 1/2 year old falls asleep.  I mean, of course he does.  Never fails.  So naturally, he wakes up when we get to our perfect location (which by the way was NOT what I had pictured in my head because oddly enough, we couldn't find an open space with tons of Joshua trees anywhere near where my husband's parents live...).  Anyway, he wakes up GRUMMMMMMPY.  That is why Riley girl is pictured below, by herself, in the most adorable little romper ever made.  Holy cow, I know she's my daughter but she is So.Cute.  Like, so stinkin' cute lol.  The hair blowing in the wind, the drool on her chin, her chubby little legs.  I could just eat her up!  So there ya have it.  Although it wasn't my perfect scene, we did still happen to find one lone Joshua tree and it was still an amazing spot.  These photos turned out to be some favorites of mine.  Side note:  I'm an over-shooter, I take LOTS of photos so that's why you're going to see over 20 of this little gal in the same spot but they're just so cute! ;) I have a HARD time narrowing down favorites in all of my sessions.  Oopsi!

hailey hopkins