Back Home

A couple of weeks ago devastating wild fires tore through my home City of Santa Rosa.  This was the start of the most destructive fire in California's history.  My family and I were fortunate enough to still have a home but we left town for a little while to escape the smoke since we have two very small children.  My hometown where I grew up has always been "home" to me.  I still call it "home" when referring to it but recently I realized that it's not my home, it WAS my home.  Such a weird realization and feeling but definitely eye opening to how attached I am to Santa Rosa.  Regardless of that, we visited my former home and I was desperately missing my photo shoots.  I took my camera and snapped some photos of my dad and my brother during rice harvest, as well as my mom's place of work:  the Sacramento Valley Museum.  I also took a few photos of my grandma with my kiddos, something I've been meaning to do for a while now but have never gotten around to it.  As horrible as the reason was for getting away, it's still always nice to visit a place that will always hold a piece of my heart.  

hailey hopkins