Mommin' Aint Easy

Do you ever get the question, "what do you do at home all day?"  I get this a lot from a) friends who don't have children or b) older folks who don't remember what it was like having children.  Some people legitimately want to know and they have no idea.  Others are just plain rude (usually not).  It used to upset me, like, "how dare you ask me that!"  But now it makes me laugh.  The thing is, I STILL don't know how to answer it!  Some days I'm just running errands all day; grocery store, Target, Post Office, etc.  Do you know how long it takes to get a 3 year old and a baby in the car?  You have to pack the diaper bag, make sure you have a bottle and snacks, make sure the 3 year old goes potty before we leave, change baby, let 3 year old get his own shoes on (ai yi yi, independence), carry everything to the car, strap the kids in their seats....and then 1/2 and hour later we are on our way.  We do about half of these things in between each store.  Hours later we get home for nap time, if only 3 year olds nap though UGH.  I'm constantly picking stuff up around the house.  Laundry I JUST folded, dirty laundry off the floor, food off the floor, wrappers on the couch, books on the floor, toys, blankets, etc.  I also feel like I'm constantly cooking.  I have a VERY picky 3 year old.  I also have a baby who I want to start out being healthy and preparing healthy foods for a baby (chopping into small bites and cooking thoroughly) is not easy, well, it's easy but it's time consuming.  I'm wiping mouths...and bottoms.  I try to limit TV time, but let's face it, that's a day by day battle.  Speaking of battle, a 3 year old is like an adult who whines and argues but doesn't know anything about life yet lol.  I do work 2 days a week, but I'm also a photographer....that does not mean I'm a stay at home mom people, it just means I work in the evenings or on weekends so yes I get to be with the kids all day (huge blessing!), but then I'm working and need to edit at some point...preferably "nap" time.  I know this is a Mom post, but being a mom is a huge part of my life... it IS my life (besides photography of course).   I took this photo this morning.  I set up the scene.  I took time out of my day to do so (so obviously this is what I do all day right?) Haha!  Anyway, me in a nutshell.  Kids, cleaning, eating, coffee, toys, books, losing my mind but my heart is SOOO full.  I'm lucky and crazy and a Photo Momma!

hailey hopkins