Two families, two days, two sunsets

I love gaining new clients.  That being said, I reallllyyy love photographing people I know, too.  It's a little more relaxing.  I definitely still get nervous and always want to do my best, but knowing your clients on a personal level just makes it a bit more easygoing.  

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing two girls I know, along with their families.  The first was a sweet little family session.  My friend, her husband and their adorable little boy hiked atop a short hillside with me with the most incredible tree and awesome views.  Callan was such a good boy; a perfect model in fact.  He was smiley, happy and hasn't quite learned how to RUN yet, making my job pretty easy. :)  

The next day I had my second session.  This was sort of a spur of the moment session.  I was contacted by a girlfriend just before we scheduled saying her family from Texas was in town for a few days.  Her mom had mentioned a little while ago that they don't have many group family photos, and how nice it would be to take some.  So sweet Jordan made it happen for her momma.  We met at one of my favorite locations where the lighting is to die for!  It was pretty darn cold out but everyone held it together and smiled through the shivers.  

I love these photos.  Both sets are beautiful in their own way.  I know it's crazy but I'm done editing both sessions (after only two days).  I absolutely take my time and make sure each photo is perfect; I probably spend about 3 or 4 hours editing each session.  I usually start editing immediately after the session, stay up way too late and begin again first thing in the morning.  It's seriously an addiction!  I hope you love viewing these as much as I loved taking them and editing them! 

Here are highlights from the first session:

Second session highlights:

hailey hopkins