Family is everything, after all

I have had soooo many family sessions lately, and they've been so wonderful!  The fall colors have been gorgeous and even with the rain, we have been pretty lucky with weather during the sessions.  Sometimes there is nothing we can do about weather and we just have to reschedule, but my clients have been so understanding and easy to work with.  I only want to make them happy so I'm really trying to work it all out.  I even volunteered at a Fall Carnival for kids a couple weeks ago and it was so fun!  I set up a small photo booth and took pictures for some families there.  The kids were so cute in their Halloween costumes and I'm so happy I decided to volunteer!  

I'm getting excited for Christmas, some very exciting news coming up, too EEKKK.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the last few weeks.  I just love it when families interact and laugh, and I've been seeing A LOT of that lately in my sessions which is so amazing!  

hailey hopkins