Session fees cover the photographer's talent, time spent on the shoot, and post processing of images.  Travel fees may also be applied if traveling outside of a 30 mile radius.   Also included in all sessions (weddings excluded) is at least 30 professionally edited digital images delivered to you through digital transfer with print release and online gallery.  There are no refunds for services provided.  Please feel free to contact me for specific questions you have regarding pricing.


**Wedding packages start at $2,000.00.  Please contact me for more info.**


Engagements/Couples:                                                                                                            $225

**Engagement sessions are complimentary if you book your wedding with me**


Cake Smash (includes the cake):                                                                                            $250


Children, Maternity, In-home Lifestyle and Family sessions:                                            $250


Newborn Lifestyle:                                                                                                                     $300


Fresh 48 (newborn hospital photos)                                                                                       $400


Weddings:                                                                                             Packages starting at $2,000


                         ***Book a Maternity session AND a Lifestyle Newborn session with me and receive 20% off the Lifestyle Newborn session!


Session Info.

Children, Engagements/Couples and Family:  Sessions usually run about 45 minutes and take place outdoors at sunset.  Feel free to bring an outfit change to any of these sessions.  Children:  well rested and satisfied children photograph best so a good nap and a full belly really help the session run smooth.  Feel free to bring non-messy snacks or toys to help entertain the kiddos (bribes are ALWAYS a good idea hehe) and/or anything you would like to use in the photos. Engagements/Couples:  bring anything you'd like in the photos but most of all, bring your love for one another!  Family:  props or sentimental items are welcome in the photos.  If you have children, well rested and satisfied children photograph best (I know, repetitive but important).  We can talk about options and ideas for any of these sessions!    

Maternity:  We should book your session around 32-36 weeks pregnant so contact me in your first or early second trimester.  Your significant other and/or family members are more than welcome to be in your photos as well.  Feel free to bring an outfit change, baby shoes, books, blocks and/or anything you'd like in the photos.  Your maternity session can be outdoors or "in-home lifestyle".  Sessions usually run around 45 minutes. 

In-home Lifestyle:  These sessions are so sweet.  Taken in the convenience of your own home using natural light.  These are great for milestone sessions with your child taken in his or her nursery; family sessions in your kitchen cooking and living room snuggling on the couch, engagement sessions in your bedroom creating an intimate feeling; maternity sessions in your bedroom and new baby's nursery.  We have so many possibilities with these and they're all extremely intimate and warm.  Relax in some leggings and a white-t or run around with the kids playing superheroes in your jeans and button down flannel.  Talk to me!  Let's brainstorm ideas and create images that capture your everyday that you don't want to miss!

Lifestyle Newborn:  Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are taken in the comfort of your own home.  The best time to schedule your session is while you are still pregnant or during your maternity session with me!  I will add your expected due date to my calendar.  When he or she arrives, just give me a call or email me as soon as possible and we will set your session date.  I like to photograph newborns within the first 2 weeks of life because they are very sleepy and like to cuddle up in womb positions, perfect for photos.  Early afternoon is the best time to schedule your session because a lot of light is allowed into your home.  I have a few blankets and props that we can discuss but feel free to suggest something special you bought for the occasion or something that is sentimental to you that you would like to use in the photos.  You will receive some photos of just your newborn, but I love to include the parents/family a lot.  Since these are taken in your own home, a realistic, genuine and comfortable feeling is created which is just so wonderful. In-home lifestyle sessions turn out best with everyone wearing a neutral color scheme, however it's important to stay true to yourself and your personality.  These sessions can last up to 2 hours, with a few feedings in between prop changes.  It's best to be patient with these sessions as some newborns can be fussy, which is why a full belly and clean hiney can go a long way.  A warm house and sound machine can also come in handy.        

Cake Smash:  These are soooo stinkin' cute!  I provide the cake.  Well, let me rephrase that, I have a wonderful cake lady who makes the cutest and tastiest little cakes which is included in the cost of the session with me.  Don't worry, I won't attempt to make and decorate it ;).  Contact me to discuss possible themes and set up ideas.  A few things to note:  I prefer to take these outdoors at sunset just like any other portrait session, however, I do have some backdrop paper and I'm happy to discuss taking them indoors if you prefer it.  If taken indoors, I only use natural lighting  (not a studio lighting setup), and I'd have to make sure your home has ample light OR we can take them in my home.  I have a few different props as well, but let's chat about the details! 

Fresh 48:  Talk about emotional, beautiful, special photos!  These are such an amazing experience for me!  I come to the hospital, or birth center, or your home (wherever you're giving birth) and I photograph your newborn within the first 48 hours of life.  I can be there when a sibling meets the baby for the first time, when family first meets the baby, when you announce the name to family, or just simply be there while you enjoy such a special and unreal time with your new baby.  The hospital bassinet, the pillows, the hospital tags, the nursing robes, it's all beautiful and all passes by so quickly.  Once in a lifetime photographs for some; they're so full of love and tears and emotion!  I love these!  Session usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  Contact me for more detailed information!

Weddings:  Please contact me for all the wonderful details!  I am here to help make your special day perfect and flawless!

*All portrait sessions will be taken in an outdoor location at sunset, except for “In-home Lifestyle”, "Newborn Lifestyle" and "Fresh 48". 

*Please don't print your photos anywhere starting with "W" (*ahem*, you know what I mean...), they always color correct and your photos won't look like what you receive through digital transfer.  I have a wonderful professional lab setup through my online gallery link that you have access to!