Best in Show

Best in show pet grooming in Petaluma is owned and run by the amazing Maggi Horn. Fun fact, Maggi is best friends with someone who married a guy I went to high school with, so long story short, Maggi knows almost everyone from my small town! I mean, that’s rare! Most people have never heard of where I’m from and Maggi actually visits there often. So funny!

Maggi contacted me a couple of months ago to set up a session for some headshots. She just recently updated her website and is remodeling her shop so she needed some updated photos as well. She’s kind, super cool and professional. I can’t wait to see her in action in her shop once it’s finished! She brought along her dog, Moose, and we walked downtown Petaluma and just had a really fun time. Her dad came along, too! I haven’t done many urban sessions so this was a super fun change for me and I definitely want to do more. I can picture a fun engagement shoot in downtown Petaluma next!

Anyway, I love love love the vibe these have. Just a bit edgy and cool!

Check out Maggi’s new website here: