Photographer's Shoot Out

Attending a photographer’s shoot out with 4 other photographers who live in my area when I have never actually met these ladies was a little scary.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I got there I feel like we all instantly clicked!  Thank the good Lord because the purpose of the meet up was to model (and photograph) boudoir, ha!  Awkward much?  I thought so, but it wasn’t!  Like, not at all.  I felt like we were a bunch of girlfriends hanging out and giggling a little too much.  Four of us modeled and all five of us photographed one another.  We worked on lighting, posing, angles and tactics.  I learned from each of them and had such a great time.  I’ve never participated in anything like this so I wasn’t really sure how a group of women would be able to photograph the same model without getting in each other’s way, but we were all very aware of each other and everyone was SO NICE.  It was a truly humbling experience.  We all helped one another and allowed each other to get the shots we wanted.  Community over competition has been a running motto for some time now and this was a perfect example of that.   

Posing for boudoir is insane!  I got a true taste of what my clients go through.  Not only are you nervous about showing your body but the actual positions and poses are quite challenging.  Is it sad that I’m a bit sore from it?  Haha!  The good thing about boudoir though, even if you feel silly while you’re doing it, is the body positive message you receive.  We (photographers) understand that stripping down to your undies in front of someone you barely know is probably a little terrifying so we are probably extra uplifting with our words.  In our eyes it’s art and it’s beauty.  So having 4 photographers point their cameras at me while I was laying on the floor and hearing all of them tell me how beautiful I looked, well, it simply made me happy.  THEN, seeing the images they took of me and saying to myself, “holy cow, is that me?  I look goooood!”  It’s such a crazy wonderful feeling.   I want ALL of my clients to feel like that when they get their photos.  Being on the other side of the camera was such a great thing for me to experience as a photographer.  That being said, I think I need to hit the gym before my next one because my muscles are achiiiiiing.  

I got some awesome shots and the hotel we used was seriously AMAZING! It’s an old vintage style hotel with the coolest wallpapers and long stairways. SO dreamy! Here are the images I took and edited from the shoot. Enjoy!

First up, Kelley!

Next up, Arlene!

Last but not least, Jess!

hailey hopkins