Something Different

Ok, don't get me wrong here.  I love love love my sunset sessions!  In fact, I always want my own family photos taken in that glorious golden hour light.  So I get it!  But, I also feel so pumped when I get to try new things.  I've been dying to hold a family session in an ice cream shop.  I've seen ideas of this on Pinterest and such, and they always look so fun!  I know it's not your typical family sesh and I know it might be hard to have a "good" one to frame in your house, cause you know, they're in an ice cream shop....I understand that, too.  I fiiiiinally had someone take me up on the idea and I hope they love the photos as much as I do.  They're everything I wanted them to be.  The more I do photography and the more sessions I have, the more I find myself falling in love with the story of the photos.  That story can be held within one photograph, or it can be held in the series of photographs.  In this case, it was the series.  I feel like it was a documentary style shoot; just exploring the town with this family.  After ice cream, we headed across the street to the Town Square and played at the park.  It was this family's typical evening out and I just happened to be there with my camera, such a cool feeling!  Note to self though:  If I do this again, take the park photos FIRST and the ice cream photos LAST haha!  Two young kiddos with ice cream cones is, you guessed it, messy!  We learned, I photoshopped the heck out of their shirts, and mama-bear used a little spit on a napkin ;).  I hope you enjoy this story as much as me!!

hailey hopkins