White Wedding

This was the wedding of the year in my book! Everything was absolutely perfect. I was nervous about driving to Tahoe in the snow since I had never done so, but it was soooo worth it. The weather worked in our favor the whole day. It snowed for the photos before the ceremony, stopped snowing for a crisp clear ceremony and started up again in time for the reception. I loved every second of this wedding and Megan and Chris were a dream couple to work with. I.want.more.snow.weddings!!!

First up, the “getting ready shots”. I don’t have many of the groom, because they didn’t care to have very many (and there were like 25 people in 1 hotel room lol). The getting ready and detail shots before the ceremony are probably my favorite part of photographing a wedding. I get to take my time a bit and be creative. Beautiful simplicity!

Next up, some formal portraits of the bridesmaids, bride, groomsmen and groom beforehand. Megan also did a “first look” with her dad which was soooo sweet. I love first looks of all kinds! This is the snowy part of the day and it created a super cool effect on the photos. I may have had to edit out snowflakes on everyone’s faces on all these images but that’s okay lol! Again, totally worth it!

This ceremony was soooo beautiful! I was so happy that they chose to have very few decorations and use the amazing natural backdrop instead. The sky was perfect, the snow stopped falling and we were left with a fluffy cloud beneath our feet (feet that I could not feel by the way, even with 3 pairs of socks and rain boots ;)). The bridal party alllssoooo sorta shot-gunned a beer before they walked back down the aisle LOL!!!

Okie dokie. Now we have the bridal party photos, some family photos (those who could stick it out in the snow) and photos of the newlyweds!! Can’t get over these, so stinkin’ beautiful!

Here’s the kicker, y’all! I was only hired for 4 hours so I was at the reception for about 1/2 an hour. In all honesty, I wasn’t heartbroken. The reception is always super fun but it’s probably my least favorite part of a wedding as far as photography goes. NOT saying I don’t like them, it’s just my least favorite is all lol. So, here are a few photos I got from the reception! Side note: Megan’s gramma made that wedding cake and it was BEAUTIFUL! Megan and Chris also brewed and bottled their own beer as wedding favors; so cool!

So there ya have it! I loved this wedding so so much, obviously! It’s all I’ve been talking about for weeks and I’ve shared so many photos from it on social media. I’m so happy for Megan and Chris and officially can’t wait for 2019 wedding season! XOXO

hailey hopkins