Two Photographers, One Session

I've been in the photography industry for a number of years; in school, working for a wedding photographer, trying to start my own business, I've been in the game.  So it's easy for me to say this:  not many other photographers want to help you out.  I mean, you're competition right?  

Many photographers have turned me away or just flat out ignored me. Well, I'm here to tell you there's hope.  There have been a few who have helped me along the way and I'm so very appreciative.  One of the latest and greatest is Tifani Beecher (Tifani Beecher Photography).  She recently joined a mommy workout class that I've been taking for a few months and we have since been talking photography.  She's helped me with location ideas; something many photographers don't share and act like certain places are "hidden gems".  Pardon me but I don't agree with being snooty.  My thinking?  People will hire you based on your photography style, your personality, your creativity and your work in general...they don't hire you because you know where all the secret spots are.  You can shoot the same location as someone else and have completely different outcomes in your photos.  Anyway, Tifani, thank you for being helpful and supportive!

Tifani and I recently traded family sessions.  It was so fun to go out there with a colleague and work together.  It was so hot and our kids were wild (when aren't they?), but we both got some great shots!  I'll share some of the ones I took of the Beecher family.  I hope you like them!

And here are two of our kiddos looking super sweet and cute together :)

I'm 29 years old and I still have a lot to learn, but what is one thing I know?  Helping others will get you further in life in one way or another.