Hi, I’m Hailey!

It’s nice to meet you!  I’m a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer here in Santa Rosa, CA and I simply love all things photography.  I would say it’s my one true love but that’s not very nice considering I have an amazing husband and two incredible kiddos (insert laugh here).  Honestly, my family is EVERYTHING and always will be. I can’t imagine life without those 3 beings, it would be like trying to breathe without air.  A little about me? I love pizza and donuts but also love to run (that food and exercise thing is an uphill battle). I live on coffee, Target and Amazon Prime, yes just like those silly shirts read and I would not survive without sunshine and wine.  Yes I said it, I love my wine. Picnics are the best weekend activity with my family besides my DIY projects that my husband SAYS he likes. Kacey Musgraves is like, my idol, and I wish I could write and sing like her, and yes I’d take her face and body, too.  Okay, enough about me. I want to get to know YOU. YOU are the reason I get to live my best life doing what I love to do for a living and seriously, I don’t take that for granted. Let’s hang out and take some photos that I know you’ll love forever and ever! XOXO