What time of day should I schedule my portrait session?  The "Golden Hour" is what we photographers like to call it:  one hour before sunset!  This is the best time of day to book your session.  With this rule of thumb, I typically only schedule outdoor sessions for this time.  Lighting is most important in my book.  Trust me, it makes all the difference and I want you to love your photos.  I know this can be a challenge if you have young children with bedtimes, but it's soooo worth it for one night in order to get that golden light!  Lifestyle newborn sessions and in-home lifestyle sessions, however, are best scheduled for early or mid afternoon, when the sun is high and lots of light is allowed through the windows of your home.   


How long will my portrait session last?  I normally spend about 45 minutes photographing your session.  This really depends on how the session is going though; it could only take a half hour or it could take a full hour, but typically 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time.  Lifestyle newborn sessions can take up to 2 hours or as little as 1 hour, it depends on how baby is feeling and patience is always a key factor with these shoots.     


What should I wear for my portrait session?  I usually tell people to stick to two or three colors and mix variations of those.  If someone wears a print, I'd have everyone else in solids, or two prints at most.  Nothing super busy and nothing super bright (although red can work sometimes!).  Long flowy dresses are wonderful for women; layers always work well; lace is amazing; fun jewelry and hats are great; wear a jacket, roll up your jeans, mix it up!  Anything that blows in the wind or "pops" is awesome.  If you need a visual, I have a Pinterest board to help with inspiration!  For in-home sessions, neutrals are best!


Where will we take our portrait session photos?  I have a locations packet that I'm happy to send you if you're looking for ideas.  I'm totally open to new locations though so if you have one in mind run it by me!   In-home lifestyle and lifestyle newborn sessions will be taken in your own home.  Fresh 48 sessions are taken in the hospital within the first 48 hours after delivery.


Can I bring any sort of prop to use in my portrait session?  If you have any props you would like to use in your photos feel free to discuss them with me.  It can be fun to incorporate special items!  If you don't want to include anything, that's okay, too! 


Why "lifestyle" newborn sessions and not regular studio newborn sessions?  For one, I don't have a studio, or access to any sort of studio setup.  "Typical" newborn sessions are usually taken in a studio with lots of props and studio lighting.  Although these are beautiful, I prefer a more natural and relaxed approach.  It depends on what your preference is.  Newborn lifestyle sessions allow you to stay in your own home, without the stress of going somewhere with a one or two week old baby.  I love the look of natural light in photos and I love capturing genuine, everyday moments.  For me, it's all about the connection in photos!


If you should have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm happy to help!